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Individual and Public

Services for the Individuals and the General Public

1. Suggesting tax strategies – Bramel & Ackley can offer suggestions to minimize your tax liability. We can provide various options from which you can determine will best fit your individual situation when it comes to your family and business succession planning.

2. Preparing tax returns – Bramel & Ackley has expertise in preparing personal income tax returns for individuals. Whether you are self-employed, employed, or retired, we can timely and accurately complete your tax returns. Individual federal and state income tax returns may be electronically filed by us with taxing authorities. We can also prepare local, county and city tax returns.

3. Minimizing tax liabilities – Are you anticipating retiring or selling part of your investment portfolio? Bramel & Ackley can project the impact of various scenarios on your tax liability and make recommendation to minimize such liability.

4. Representing you before tax authorities – Has your return been audited or have you received notices from taxing authorities? We can represent you before the IRS, state or local authorities.

5. Developing estate and gifting plans – For any size estate or gifting, Bramel & Ackley can assist in developing plans that transfer assets to your heirs while minimizing estate and gift taxes and maximizes the transfer to your loved ones.

6. Developing a personal financial plan - Bramel & Ackley can assist you in developing a personal financial plan that directs you in how to reach your individual financial goals.

7. Planning for retirement - Are you eagerly anticipating retirement? Let Bramel & Ackley work with you to develop a plan that will ensure a stable and comfortable retirement.

8. Devising savings and investment strategies - Bramel & Ackley can assist you in devising savings and investment strategies that will maximize your personal wealth and help you meet your personal financial goals.

9. Creating a family budget - Bramel & Ackley can help you plan a family budget that will help you to appropriately allocate your funds and reach your personal financial goals.

10. Helping you build college funds - With the costs of secondary education increasing annually, now is the time to begin saving for your children's college education. Bramel & Ackley can assist you in determining the appropriate methods of building funds for college.