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Business Owners

Services for Business Owners

1. Setting up accounting systems - Bramel & Ackley can help you design an accounting system specific to your company's needs. We can also assist you in selecting an appropriate accounting software package that will provide your company with the financial information you need.

2. Audit, Review, and Compilation of financial statements - Bramel & Ackley can assist in the Audit, Review, and Compilation of your financial statements at a level of service which meets expectations.

3. Helping you secure financing - Are you looking to expand your business through a future purchase? Are you planning on building a new home? Let us recommend the best tax-saving methods of financing a business or personal acquisition.

4. Analyzing operating results - By analyzing your organization's operating results, Bramel & Ackley can suggest ways to maximize profitability for your firm. It is our mission to help you reach your organization's short and long-term goals.

5. Providing management consulting services on such subjects as data processing systems - Bramel & Ackley can assist your business in designing and installing data processing and management information systems that are compatible with your organization's reporting needs.

6. Developing budgets and business forecasts - Bramel & Ackley can assist your company in developing a budget that will allow you to plan ahead and reach your financial targets. Additionally, we can assist in the preparation of business forecasts that will give you an advance indication of where your company stands in the upcoming period and recommend steps to becoming more successful.

7. Preparing tax returns - Bramel & Ackley has expertise in preparing all types of tax returns for proprietors, corporations, partnerships, LLC's, trusts, estates, employee benefit plans, and Not-for-profit organizations. Not only will we timely and accurately complete your tax returns, but we can assist your business in identifying tax-saving strategies.

8. Assessing benefit and compensation plans - Bramel & Ackley can assess the benefit and compensation plans in place at your company and develop appropriate policies that allow for the effective operation of these plans.

9. Business valuations - Are you considering buying a new business, selling your business, or are you beginning a divorce, and you need to determine the value of your business? We can provide an objective analysis to assist you in the valuation of any business in which you have an interest.